SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunks from iB2i allow your calls to reach the PSTN ( Public Switched Telephone Network) securely and super fast . You can send and receive calls just as you would from a traditional phone line, with the added benefits and features of an iB2i PBX or your own IP System!

Get rid of expensive line rental, with iB2i SIP Trunks there is no limitation on how many calls you can have in and out at the same time, as long as your broadband has the capacity.

Best of all, our SIP Trunks are free, use them to receive calls or to call any destination with our great low cost tariffs .

iB2i SIP Trunking service is a replacement for ISDN circuits. SIP trunking provides you with multiple telephone lines, without the expense of having to maintain expensive ISDN circuits.

Each SIP channel uses the G.711 codec, which is a high bit rate (64 Kbps) ITU standard codec. It is the native language of the modern digital telephone network.

A SIP Trunk ensures you can receive data and send voice packets (i.e. calls) over the same connection simultaneously. With the latest and most secure technology available, iB2i SIP Trunks will allow your business to maximize on its efficiency without compromising on quality. Don’t compromise on traffic flow and enjoy a feature rich VoIP service!

With iB2i, we make communication easy. Make an enquiry today to give your business the cutting edge…

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