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Add Unlimted Extensions

How many dialed users can be on the system at any one time? There is no restriction on the number of telephone extensions you can have for your business. As you grow, add more as you need.

SIP Channels

The number of concurrent calls that can be handled by the system is dependent on the number of SIP channels your broadband connection can handle.

To make or receive a call uses 64 Kbps of bandwidth, to receive calls, download is important and most broadband types offer high download speed giving good capacity. To make calls from your business, the upload speed needs to be looked at to consider how many outbound calls you can make at once.

Our business broadband packages start from a single connection enabling your business to handle 6 calls at any one time to over 1,500 concurrent calls.

Broadband Choices
Free On-Net Calls
Have your offices, teams located anywhere and call any extensions at no cost, as well as other iB2i customers.
Cost Effective Calling
With full A-Z call termination, there is no restriction where and when you can call. With our great call rates save over 50% compared to BT.

Plug and Play

Easy setup, ready to go from anywhere in the world.

All of our services are provisioned straight to you by our tech team according to your spec, ready to use.

There is no expensive set up and installation, designed to be used on your existing computer network.

Interactive Voice Response / AutoAttendant

IVRs, also known as “automated attendant,” “AA,” or virtual receptionist” is a telephony feature which guide callers to their destination by providing a number of choices and waiting for a caller response (dialed digit).

This allows callers to be transferred to an extension based on their selection from a menu, without help from a live operator or receptionist.

Group Conferencing

As standard place a 3-way conference call between yourself and 2 other parties.

Add Premium Conferencing toy your PBX. iB2i Conference Bridges allow a group of people to participate in a phone call. The most common form of bridge allows participants dial into a virtual meeting room from any phone.

Improve your business and create a better conference experience with an iB2i virtual telephone meeting room.

Conference Bridges
Call Queues / Enhanced Automatic Call Distributon

iB2i PBX Call Queue's allows you to receive more calls in your PBX than your staff members are able to answer at the same time.

They will enable you to deal with your calls more efficiently and your customers will be held in a queue, listening music on hold and receiving information messages about approximate wait time and/or their position in queue depending on the settings you choose to apply to your iBi2 PBX queue environment.

Queues consist of:

  • Incoming calls being placed in the queue.
  • Members that answer the queue (extensions or users that login as agents).
  • A strategy for how to handle the queue and divide calls between members.
  • Music played while waiting in the queue.
  • Announcements for members and callers.
  • Queue members types:

  • Agents: are staff members that answer incoming call(s) that have been placed into a specific queue. An agent logs in indicating that they are now ready to take calls. iB2i PBX transfers an inbound call to a queue, which is then distributed to an available agent in order defined by the queue ring strategy.
  • SIP Members: are extensions that are active while answering the Queue calls.
  • Music on Hold

    Music on hold (MOH) is the business practice of playing recorded music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold. It is especially common in situations involving customer service.

    iB2i PBX offer an extensive genre of hold music, from classical, jazz, rock and more.

    Fax to Email
    Receive faxes through an email account as PDF attachments in from a regular telephone number.
    Voicemail to Email
    Also receive your office voice-mail messages as email attachments straight to your inbox, find out who called and when they called.
    Rings Groups
    Ring Groups are used to group a number of extensions into one network destination. Each Ring Group is assigned a network number which once dialed rings all extensions assigned to the group.
    Call Recording
    Record a conversation, either system wide or by meeting some filter criteria. This can be either from the start of a call, or initiate it during a call. Save them as portable files.
    Call Monitoring
    This service monitors active calls in real time. For example, extensions 1000 and 1001 are in conversation. Extension 1005 dials '*199 1000'. From that moment, the active call and all other calls made by extension 1000 will be monitored by extension 1005, until 1005 hangs up.
    Call Whispering
    Whispering - user can listen to the conversation and talk only to the monitored extension.
    Online Control Panel
    Online Self Care: an extension administration interface used by the extension owner, where they can manage such things as voice-mails, call recordings, call data, and other enhanced services.
    Custom Ringtones
    Use many different ringtones, differentiate between your extensions and numbers.
    Multiple Operating Times
    Set the system open/close times. Depending on the time when the call is received, the call can be redirected to different iB2i PBX destinations.
    Caller ID Management
    Have a wide range of CID settings, choose what numbers to display, hide, block.
    Follow Me

    This service rings all the provided destinations in a sequence. If call is not answered by any of the provided extensions, it gets transferred to the 'Last Destination' extension, which can be Voice-mail if 'Is Voice-mail' option is selected.

    For example, rings a PBX extension, then a ring group extension, then your mobile.

    Group Hunt

    This service rings all provided destinations at the same time. If the call is not answered by any of the provided extensions, the call gets transferred to the 'Last Destination' extension which can be Voice-mail if the 'Is Voice-mail' option is selected.

    When the called number picks up, system will ask if the user wants to accept the call or reject it. If user accepts the call that was already answered by someone else, system will play the message which notifies the user about said situation.

    Call Forwarding
    Forward inbound calls to any destination you desire, whether it be a PBX extension, an external land-line or mobile destination.
    Do not disturb
    The Do Not Disturb or (DND) function prevents calls from ringing on an extension for which DND is activated.
    Advanced Call Management
    There are many different ways to mange your inbound and outbound call strategy from:
  • Call Queues
  • Ring Groups
  • IVRs / Auto Attendants
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Forwarding
  • Monitorting
  • Reports/Statistics

  • And much more...
    Speaker Phone Page
    This service enables the message to transmit to multiple phones by dialing.
    Contact Integration/Directory/BFL List

    The directory is used to enter all extensions that you want as contacts, and when used with the Busy Line Field enabled phone, you can select which of those extensions will be monitored by your BLF buttons on the phone.

    iB2i PBX also integrates a corporate directory with your end points for ease of access to other extensions, also add existing contacts.

    Click to Dial
    A computer application that allows a user who is viewing a telephone number on web page or Outlook contact to click and place the call. Also copy and past any phone number into the application to place the call.
    Speed Dials
    A function on which allows numbers to be entered into a memory and dialed with the push of a single button.
    Monitor Ques
    This option is used with add on applications, for monitoring of selected queues. When you click on the 'Edit' button, you will have to select which queue to monitor inside these applications.
    Phone Callback
    Phone Callback is PBX feature which enables system users to call some destinations without being charged for it. Essentially, the user calls a number which is configured as a DID on the system. The system then hangs up, and calls the user back, prompting for the destination to be called.
    Call Filters and Blocking
    Create safe and banned callers list.
    Instant Messaging

    Use our iB2i application and start Instant messaging (IM). IM is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the Internet.

    Improve communication with your team.

    Video Calling
    Requires our desktop application. A visual communication between two extension or supported external destinations. Enables any two individuals in the world who have access to computers and an internet connection to place a video call to each other.

    Improve communication with your team.

    CRM Integration

    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes: sales activities, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

    iB2i offers implementation with your CRM system and it will make it even more efficient.

    Gain detailed valuable insights into company call data, breakdown per extension, ring groups, telephone numbers and more.
    Real time Wallboard:
  • Call statistics
  • Agent status
  • Average waiting time
  • Percentage of answered/unanswered calls

  • Apps
    Desk Phone Compatible
    Use our system with IP desk phones.

    Desk Phones
    Computer Softphone Application

    Use all the great features of your iB2i PBX, now not only from your desk phone, but utilise your computer too.

    Link your outlook or Gmail contacts, click to dial, create conference calls with ease, instant message and collaborate with the rest of your team.

    Smart Phone App

    Link your tablet or mobile to the iB2i PBX, integrate your team and work smarter, better


    iB2i’s feature-rich communication applications for Apple iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Mobile clients become an extension to your company’s PBX and feature a host of communication options, superior security and advanced audio.