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Inbound Phone Numbers

We have a brilliantly comprehensive range of numbering services available to businesses. It's easy to understand and use, let us manage the whole service for you and integrate it into your new iB2i PBX. Our simple pricing structure offers great value, enabling you to meet your communication needs.

Inbound UK Numbers
Inbound UK Numbers

We have a wide range of UK numbers, give your business the presence that you want. We can offer:

· UK Geographic Numbers – Complete country wide coverage with 01, 02 prefixes.

· UK Non-Geographic Numbers – 03, 084, 087 numbers, which aren’t linked with any town or city.

· Freephone Numbers – 0800, 0808 numbers, toll free to the caller where the user receiving the call pays the charge.

As well as a variety of other UK inbound number services.

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European & Worldwide
European & Worldwide

Do business on an international scale, create that local presence you were looking for.

We can provide inbound numbers to over 50 worldwide destinations, have a virtual presence.

Set up now hassle free with an iB2i PBX.

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Number Porting
Number Porting

Have a number already and want to keep using it, perfect, we have arrangements where we can port into our PBX both UK wide geographic and non-geographic area codes, allowing you to keep your existing number when you move services to iB2i.

It’s a simple process that will migrate your existing numbers to our service with minimum cost and disruption.

Our experience of porting single telephone lines to complex multi-number switchboards is very good and we help make it a straightforward process.

Whether you’re already on VOIP or not and thinking of moving your service to us then we can port your numbers!

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