Data Centre

Network Services

The right network for business critical cloud services.

We have blended PBX application software, virtualisation servers and added security enhancements to provide a stable and secure hosted PBX platform, which is fully supported by iB2i, easy to use and administer.


Ensuring we meet our 100% network uptime commitments.

Below is a network diagram summarising our redundant network setup. The vast majority of dedicated servers and co-location racks are located in the DC5 data centre in East London.

Data Centre


Extensive protection to ensure your data is kept secure.

DC5 utilises many forms of security, both physical and electronic. We have 360° CCTV coverage with auto tour and PIR activation. The external CCTV tours the perimeter of the building, but should anyone approach any predetermined point (gates, doors, points of entry) the CCTV will quit its tour and focus on the point of trigger. The CCTV also covers internal all points of entry. The system backs up its footage both locally and off site and is remotely accessible by data centre staff.

There is a perimeter alarm system, with beam detectors covering roof access, all doors, roller shutters and windows.

Entrance to the compound itself is via remotely operated gates for which only staff have access. Entrance to the site is only granted via data centre staff after the visitors identity has been verified via the CCTV.

We operate a door entry system inside the building which requires swipe card access to gain entry to parts of the building.

On top of all this the building is manned 24/7 365 days of the year by at least 3 members of staff, although there is usually 7 members of staff on site. We also make use of physical security: The building is completely plain, with no external signs of what is inside the building.


Ensuring we meet our 100% power up-time commitments. DC5 has its own substation which is inside the secure inner compound. The substation is on its own 11KV feed from EDF and runs its dual transformers. The transformers are over-specified for their current usage.

The Transformers feed automated switch gear which distributes the power around the DC. It has auto failover and in the event that main power fails, it sends signals to our Generator Sets which fire up automatically and switches over. The switch gear has its own independent charge unit which in the event of power failure has enough capacity to fire the relays to switch to generator power. There is a shunt switch in the mid of the panel, which allows one half of the panel to feed the other in the event of single gen or transformer failure.

The generators are maintained on a regular basis and are run up for between 2 and 4 hours a month. The fuel supply is onsite and houses enough fuel to run the generator at full load for 10 days. We have contracts in place to top the diesel up within 4 hours where necessary.

All the racks are backed up by their own individual UPS. These UPS are fast enough to offer unnoticeable transfer between the mains supply and the generator supply. In the event of the generators failing or needing major works, we have an externally mounted cabinet to allow a 2nd generator to be added to either power system.

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